Welcome to the waiting room

You have arrived at Arnold Seglenieks' personal website, which is in its earliest stages of construction. Arnold is "moving on" from a personally rewarding career in general surgical practice in rural Australia. The life of Arnold Seglenieks is no more important or interesting than any other, but Arnold hopes to continue to leave a positive legacy to the community. The images above offer a glimpse into one of Arnold's many interests - capturing visual impressions while travelling in Europe. Hopefully we can make things interesting enough to entice you to come and visit again.

Times are definitely changing!

Dr Arnold Seglenieks has ceased his general surgical practice in Armidale, and will soon be leaving the region to return to his home state of South Australia. Dr Peter Girardi, an Australian-trained general surgeon, has taken over the practice (Monday 16th July 2018) and will have access to the medical records of existing patients, to allow continuity of care (especially for surveillance colonoscopy). His contact and practice details are available online www.armidalegeneralsurgery.com.

This website will continue to be maintained and developed by Arnold Seglenieks with a focus on more personal interests...as you can see, it is a live construction site at present, so be careful!